Our BASA Partners

Ravenswood’s BASA program is entirely coordinated by our two outstanding partners, Youth Guidance and Columbia College.


Youth Guidance

Youth Guidance creates and implements school-based programs that enable at-risk children to overcome obstacles, focus on their education and, ultimately, to succeed in school and in life. The After-School Enrichment Programs provide homework assistance, academic enrichment, technology exploration, recreation and physical activity, skill development, safety and supervision during after-school hours.

Each enrichment menu is tailored to meet the specific needs of the school, student and parent community. The variety of programs offered stimulates students with challenging opportunities for growth and development outside the classroom, using age-appropriate materials and highly-skilled service providers.

Youth Guidance employs an economy of scale approach to offer in-demand enrichment programs at competitively discounted rates.


columbia College Chicago, Community Schools

Columbia College Chicago is shaping the schools of tomorrow through its commitment to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. By uniting the most important influences in children’s lives – school, family and community – these partnerships aim to support not only their learning but development as well. Columbia College’s goal is to build connections and create reciprocal partnerships between Columbia College Chicago, community, and neighborhood schools. As such, we bring the transformative experiences of arts and expanded learning to over 1,400 Chicago Public Schools students, 600 parents, 100 local teaching artists, and dozens of Columbia College Chicago students and faculty each year.

We’re very excited to bring our unique approach of high quality out-of-school time programming to the families of Ravenswood Elementary School. In 2014, we were awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant to partner with Ravenswood Elementary School. This means we are able to offer our nationally recognized arts-based programming to the Ravenswood community completely free of charge!